Our Law firm Team (Attorneys & Advocates)

Our key resource personnel are the best legal experts dealing with the diversified legal situations with the help of worthy experience and good command on law and all are well practicing in all Courts, Tribunals and Special Courts including High Court.


Amanullah Sheikh (Advocate Supreme Court) Chief Consultant Legal & Corporate Affairs Cases
Shahnawaz M Sahito (Advocate High Court) Senior Consultant Criminal, Constitutional, Nab & Backings Offences Cases
Ajeet Sunder (Advocate High Court) Senior Consultant Banking, Corporate & Tax Cases
Siraj Ahmed Mangi (Advocate High Court) Consultant Civil, Administration & Trade Mark Cases
Nadeem Ahmed Mangi (Advocate High Court) Consultant Constitutional, Criminal & Labour Cases
Nadir Hussain Abro (Advocate High Court) Consultant Civil, Trade Marks,
Muhammad Bakhish (Advocate High Court) Consultant Family, Properties, Human Rights Cases